Saturday, 10 September 2011

FAMILY AFFAIR WITH LAND'S END - 2011/2012 Autumn Winter.

'We Work Hard to Create Versatile Outwear for The Whole Family.'by Land's End.
Four Of  The Best
Where does your land end? Certainly not at Winter, for sure. And if it had to end, who would you want there to be with you?

The family. So forget 2012, and take a look at these gorgeous down jackets from LAND'S END 
to see you through the snowy nights ahead. In a severe blizzard, guess who goes first.

The man. That's why LAND'S END have created an exclusive quilted down jacket with superb layering, that will keep him going to harpoon that last moose.

Then there is the lady's chalet long coat, capacious enough to let a couple of little ones sneak inside.

But LAND'S END have provided for the tough survivors as well. Girls and boys, both have their own down jackets, so they can go off hunting on their own.

LAND'S END provides a complete family survival kit.

It looks good, too. 



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