Wednesday, 7 September 2011


' Its The Love Of Art That Innovates Perfection And Let Desire Flow.'

Excitement and innovation through collaboration is what Sebago believes in as a brand. And over the years they have had various talented individuals around the world work with the Sebago brand.

Sebago are now proud to introduce the Artisan Collection taken from the best of their exclusive design collaboration . From the origin of their collaborative partnership with colette, to the more recent pairing with Billykirk, authentic sebago products have been updated for a younger generation of Sebago enthusiasts.

Here are the collaborators with their exclusive designs

His style has always been influenced be the New york downtown. His designs have had a strong following due to his iconic and modern craftsmanship.

This season Vane has brought his enthusiasm to the iconic Docksides boat shoe, re-materilising it for their generation in the latest Vane X Sebago collection, Future Heritage.

This collaboration is a true homage to the dockworkers and boat makers who over the past 40 years have worn Sebago.

In their quest for creating refined and evolved work gear, the brothers, Chris and Kirk from Billykirk have teamed up with Sebago, developing their leather-working expertise to produce their take on the traditional Fairheaven oxford and boot, modern evolution of the authentic dockworker shoe

Fearless in his street smarts and high-style, Ronnie Fieg is known to be radical style activist and also for playing instrumental part in defining and guiding trends.

Fieg epitomizes fashion forward and has a strong following who share their love of daring, designs and individuality. Fieg has lent his skills to a capsule of unique styles complimenting and innovating distinctive Sebago  footwear.

It is an experience we all love to be part of. I am a cult follower of Sebago and especially Ronnie Fieg - the tussles detailing footwear. It is a must have for me.

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