Wednesday, 7 September 2011


'Rather Than Objectifying The Wearer, The Jock Fairweather Ladies Footwear Claims To Empower Her In All Aspects Of Her Life'.  


The name might ring bell 'Jock Fairweather' and you might probably seen his shoe collection in the press - The Courier Mail, Brisbane News, The Age to name but a few and various fashion shows both here in London and abroad. 

I had the pleasure meeting of Jock and that was when we struck up the conversation about his designs.

Jock Fairweather is the creative designer for the Jock Fairweather ladies footwear. His very own brand he created after graduating from London College of Fashion and since then he has never looked back.

Joanna (S/S 12)
Jock's collection comes in a demure mix of heels and a captivating on trend wedges. The Spring/Summer 12 range are hyperfeminine and unapologetically epic.

The best of leather - stinggray skins and specailly commissioned silk pattern from designer from Suki Cheema - is used to create this cutting edge footwear. The colour blocking and quirkiness of the footwear is what makes it appealing and more alluring.
Jane (S/S12)

The optical effect of Jock Fairweather's ladies footwear is to lengthen and attenuate the wear's legs and make her stand tall, giving a good posture.

The Spring/Summer 12 collection breaths comfort. It also maximizes the slenderness , height and strengthens the walk of the wear. This is what I call stopping on-lookers in their tracks. These shoes are made for walking, and walking tall and elegant is what it makes you.

Jock Fairweather S/S 12 Footwear collection is a testament of the great design and innovation to come. 

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