Sunday, 22 May 2011


KUKA-ME combines the Zulu and Northern Sotho 'Kuka' - meaning lift up or uplift, with the English word 'me'.
The name was inspired by a comment from a customer: that she always feels confident and gorgeous in the jewellery.

The collection is about gorgeousness, easy-to-wear sterling and 18ct gold jewellery, particularly created for independent women with an individual sense of style. 
Design is dynamic and for the woman who wears Kuka-me jewellery makes her shine as well as her personality becoming integral to the piece.

Kuka-me was launched in 2009 by Reema Pachachi. Reema creates the original designs in her Notting Hill workshop, drawing inspiration from nature, architecture and textiles.

You can view more of the Kuka-me collection on


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