Tuesday, 12 April 2011

UNDERGROUND - Be A Rebel And Out From The Masses.

Inspired the very people that challenge style, Underground is never afraid to experiment with their  products to create a new interpretation of one of their classic styles or strike out in a new direction altogether.

New styles, re-working of classics and collaboration with liked minded designers is what keeps the UNDERGROUND brand busy in creating the next original.

Wearing a pair of UNDERGROUND Originals is about seriously making a statement and standing out from the masses that that want to blend in. Wear it and have something to rebel against.

Sharp switchable Winklepickers, Original Brothel Creepers or Biker Boots for outlaws and outriders, these are the originals that differentiate the UNDERGROUND product from the mass market.

It is however worth mentioning that, each and every design is numbered and named to give it a unique identity to create a distinctive collection of British Rock & Roll footwear.
Visit www.underground-england.co.uk

My favorite. It brings the rebel inside me.


  1. Amazing shoes!!


  2. Oh yes there are. It's all about the shoes. Power statement.