Tuesday, 12 April 2011

This Is My Campagn. ( Amorino Gelato & Cafe)

The weather is hot, the sun is out and nothing springs to mind like having some rich creamy ice cream. I have tried a lot of ice cream in my time and it's all been well good. But recently I came across this cute place called AMORINO GELATO & CAFE on Old Compton's Street  (Soho -West End) and what drew my attention was the array of ice cream displayed.

Went for my favorite flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Oh boy, was it good. The texture was perfect and it just melted on my tongue like butter on a hot toast. The taste was phenomenal, rich, very creamy and very low in calories. What more could you want?

I call the ice cream served in AMORINO GELATO &CAFE  as manna from Heaven. Anytime you are in the West End, pop in and treat yourself to some rich and creamy ice cream. Pleasure! Pleasure!

Daniel Chow and Myself.

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