Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Dateline: 6.12.2011
Location: Covent Garden, London.

'The Murdock Man' - The Man Who Is Himself, Comfortable, Stylish And Feeds Off His Natural Good looks.
'The Murdock Man' This Month Is David Waddington.

To the Murdock store on Monmouth Street, to celebrate the, the new website from Murdock London.

The December edition is full of good things, just like the store itself. Each edition will feature 'THE' Murdock Man, the first being Mr David Waddington, proprietor of the Bistrotheque restaurant in Hackney, and looking elegant and relaxed by the fireplace. There are also tips on good barbering, and an appreciation of tweed.

The site has sections on culture, grooming, food and drink, and sports. It's a grown-up playground for the man who isn't afraid to look his best.

Which brings us back to the Covent Garden store. If ever a shop was small but perfectly formed, this is it. The ground floor offers grooming products and colognes, apparel and travel gear, and a solo barber chair. On the upstairs mezzanine, there is a discreet two-seater barbershop, gleaming with cut-glass mirrors and light wood. 

The downstairs mezzanine is a book-lined snug, with playing-card wallpaper and comfortable chairs for a little browsing through the graphic works of Peter Doig. The store is beautifully laid out, warm and tranquil, and the staff exemplary.

Whether you browse on-line, or visit the store for a shave and trim, Murdock LONDON is a name to add to your vade mecum.

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