Thursday, 30 December 2010


I came across ACNE on press week day and I was immediately drawn to the their footwear. The Label  not only do they specialize in Men's footwear but also Mens and Women's clothing line.

It is a fun, eccentric label with a diversity that just gets your attention. I hope you enjoy shoes. It is worth checking out their website.

Men's shoes for me next season is all about style, individuality and comfort. The ACNE shoe collection has all the fore mentioned. It is the type of shoes that has juxtaposition about it.

As it has been said before, you can always tell more by what sort of shoes a man wears. Shoes for men are very important for me. 

 ACNE Men's shoes for me are fun and it is all about the Candy. Check out the Candy Magazine. It is fun, it's outrageous and it's hysterical.

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