Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The must have Shoes for Me.

I have always preferred  shoes to watches. I know the two go hand in hand. But I will choose a pair of shoes over a pair of watch anytime. One may ask why though? For me, shoes on my feet says it all. I can really rock the shoe look.

There is no point wearing a new outfit when you haven't got the appropriate footwear to match it. Most men often than not get it wrong that way. As I keep saying, what you wear on your feet reflects on the clothes you wear. Bad footwear can surely degrade a look, vice versa.

My favorite pair are the ones that come in heels. For me it is about the rock & roll feel to it and the sex appeal it gives to it. Dior Homme does it, YSL does it as well and recently I came across a pair by Alevis Mbola Haute Couture shoe. I immediately fell in love with it. I have already been promised one by my good friend Alevis Mbola. www.alevismobola.com

My must have footwear.

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