Tuesday, 18 June 2013


When Boys Talk, They Talk About Their Fantasises. 

Is there such a thing as The modern man? Is that what Jonathan Saunders conjured in his spring summer 2014 collection? Now the question is, what makes a man? Is it the way he dresses and the nature of his masculinity?  If that be the case then, J.W failed in that department as many would say there is no way a man's man will be caught wearing his S/S14 collection. On the other hand one would say there are a breed of young fashion lovers on the scene  who  will kill for a collection like that. I guess we are in a age where men are becoming more liberal. Anderson is hammering the fact that it's cool to look  eclectic and still be a man.

An the end of the day, that is what fashion is about. It's   certainly meant to be fun, diverse and breaking boundaries. We view, make up our own opinion and settle down with what best works for us. Are we ready as men to be seen in the  above. I leave that decision in your capable hands.

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