Tuesday, 23 October 2012


A few months back I got introduced to a new a sports brand HPE which stands for Human Performance Egineering. Nick Harris is the founder of HPE clothing brand. The work that goes into the clothing is a combination of advanced fabric technology, thoughtful tailoring and stylish design to withstand the rigors of intensive training. Also worthy of mention that Nick has worked closely with leading sportsmen in Formula 1 World Champions, Grand slam winning tennis players and golfers.

On a closer look at the clothing, you could feel the quality and texture of the clothing material. The collection are for both men and women. I was dlighted to use some of the pieces for an exclusive editorial for  ROUGH Magazine www.rough-online.com a publication of which I am the editor at large and managing editor. The concept was to show the versatility of the clothing. The style you can create and the comfort of wearing a piece that transends from an active wear to a RTW. Nick's pieces can be purchased online at www.hpeclothing.com . GO!

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  1. Love this, thanks Chase! Anoushka x