Friday, 16 March 2012


Break Free From The Shackles of Being A Fashion Slave...
Time To Be The Master.

This is the time when you say enough is enough... I am not going to be a slave to it - FASHION. I know it will be a hard journey for you to embark on but like I said, you have to be determined and break yourself from the shackles of fashion slave-dom  

I would say, love fashion and adore everything about it but to be a slave to it is certainly not my style. And the worst thing for any girl or a guy is to be a fashion salve and still get it wrong... not good at all. 

Being a slave to fashion is certainly not a good thing at all. Well, I am here to say enough is enough. Don't go chasing waterfalls because you are definitely going to drown in it. By that I mean, don't try to look like someone else or that man or woman in the magazine you picked up.

Have you thought about just creating your own style? Well it is quite easy. Wear whatever you want and it wont hurt you. Have the confidence because if you do it would show on the outside and your style will be assured.

 The Style icons and the trendsetters aren't slaves, they are rule breakers when it comes to fashion, so why not be one. Don't copy but create. Expensive doesn't always mean good! It's not as hard as you think. Get in touch and let's do it.


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