Monday, 12 March 2012


It is a natural thing for her. She just grabs them slide her feet in and there she goes. Didn't matter what she wore, she always had them on her feet. It was one thing wearing them and another thing walking in them. The good thing is,she can walk in them.

What and who I am talking is my mother - Agnes S and her love for wearing heels.

This piece is about heel wearing for women and how it should play an integral part their everyday wear. This is a topic that needs to be addressed for we have the flat shoes invading our streets. 

 For this matter I will be talking about heels. I think they make a woman look confident and stand tall obviously. So this is why there is no excuse for a woman not to own at least a few pair of heels in here closet.

The outfit might not be cutting edge, which sometimes you might get away with or be pardon for but  ladies, you get away with wearing any odd pair of shoes.

Wearing heels under your feet should be a natural thing that comes easily and it will be a prominent torch under your feet. It is important to really invest in a good pair. Don't buy shoes for the sake of it. There is nothing so awkward and embarrassing when your heel wobbles as you walk.

As we usher into this season of freshness and sublimity, ladies make it part and parcel of rocketing your heels. Heels should be one of your summer essentials.It doesn't matter what you wear, the heels have got to come on.

It makes a difference. Spring your outfit back to life with your heels.


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  1. Nice start of this article. And such lovely shoes on the photo: simple and stylish.