Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Nothing Ventured and Nothing Gained. Yes, It's Made For You...Wear it In Your Own Way.

Harness by Tamzin Lillywhite S/S12 (WWW.TAMZINLILLYWHITE.CO.UK) Sky Blue Shirt From Marc Cain S/S12 (WWW.MARCCAIN.COM)
Shirt & Shorts From Marc Cain S/S12 Collection.
Harness & Stud Bangle By Tamzin Lillywhite

The accessory of the moment for me - The Harness. Harness wearing has been in existence for decades and like any good invention, it is deemed dateless. I am not going to bore you with the history and how it all started.

Let the harness be part of you everyday fashion wear. It adds an edge and style to any piece you wear. 

The harness has is definitely a must have for all seasons and it should be worn in your own way. Its a come back... well it's not like it went anywhere.

Let the ball be in your court when it comes accessorizing your outfit. Don't see why the harness should be part of it.

Images are from a fashion film 'When The City Calls - Marc Cain'. which is out soon.

Photography - Jay waldin. Hair - Sadie Bareham, Marcel. Makeup Artist - Gregory Kara, Izabela perez. Model - Edyta from MMA.   Stylist - Cuba Charles Of CHASEBONDSTYLE

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