Friday, 10 June 2011

The Crombie Blazer

 The blazer is this season must have as I have written about and featured in the HUF Magazine Men's blazers have been in existence from time past... which I am going to elaborate on...


blazer is a type of jacket, worn as smart casual dress. The term blazer occasionally is synonymous with boating jacket and sporting jacket, two different garments. A blazer resembles a suit coat cut more casually — sometimes with flap-less patch pockets and metal buttons. A blazer's cloth is usually durable  because it is an outdoor sports jacket. Stylistically, blazers often are uniform garment

blazer is generally distinguised from a sports garment as a more formal garment and tailored from solid color fabrics. Blazers are often made with naval-style metal buttons, reflecting their historic boating club association, but this is not a defining feature.

Blazers in the 21st century is speaking volumes now. Like I used to say a good blazer will set you on 'fire' and 'cool' you down at the same time. How good is that? 

I have had looked around and there are so many blazers on the market now. Which is a good thing for sure. However there are Blazers and there are real blazers.

The Blazer I want to talk about is the Crombie S/S 11 blazer. I always good out for the cut and quality of a blazer. Fit is also another important subject when it comes wearing a blazer. Even if it is a loose fit, it always has to sit well on the body.

Crombie blazer has always been the man's man kind of blazer. The sheer quality and the effort that is put into it gives it a resounding and effortless look worn.

I actually loved using it for this particular shoot. It shows how diverse and versatile it can be worn.

Models >> Andre & Stephen.
Photograpgy >> Rusty.
Styling & Makeup >> Charles Ampadu.

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