Saturday, 7 May 2011


Olcay Gulsen -Owner, Creative Director For SUPERTRASH Clothing And Editor In Chief For SUPERTRASH Magazine- Covers The Front Page. 
The SuperTrash magazine talks about fashion, the superTrash clothing line, living a good and a positive life style. This brand magazine was launched in 2009 which now appears 4 times in a year. 

I have had a read and scrutinize  the styling in the magazine- fashion wise and I have to say it has something good going on. There is no better way to promote a brand than creating its own magazine for it.

There is a digital version of SuperTrash magazine online. You can view it on Like it states, it's very simple, you read, you like, you click and you buy.

Watch this space, you will be seeing my styling work in SuperTrash soon. Go online and have a read. It' fashion and style. Go!
Olcay Depicting Her Style Icon Jane Birkin.

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