Tuesday, 26 April 2011



Filthy Gorgeous London the trendsetting beauty services has launched its first nail collection which is available exclusively at Debenhams in London, Glasgow and online at www.debenhams.com

Consisting of 31 shades including top and base coat, the line include a plethora of shades that will leave any girl dying for a manicure.

The Filthy Gorgeous nail polish collection has been designed to include the perfect mix of classic and most loved shades combined with on- trend and mush have colours.

The nail polish is of a professional quality, high performance formula with exceptional durability and maximum protection. 

To get a little scientific here the nail polish is properly balanced with resin, plasticizer and nitrocellulose to provide a durable film that offers initial high-gloss and retention shine.

What sets Filthy Gorgeous apart from the rest is the cool added touch with a detachable Filthy Gorgeous plectrum which is also used in their vintage jewellery range. And this can be used as bag charm, key ring, charm bracelet or added to a necklace to give you the rock chic kind of look.

Nail polish is another form of accessory, to have it can really go a long way to enhancing as well as updating your look.

Apart from the nails, Filthy Gorgeous combines a menu of 'QUICK & SLICK' essential services with an irresistible mix of beauty Discoveries and accessories.

It is the place for girls and their girlfriends to get ready for a special occasion, first date or simply get their monthly treatments.

And guys, you can always have you manicure done. 

Electrifying Colours.
More Spring/Summer Colours.
Trying on the Sample Jewellery. Pleasure!

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