Tuesday, 19 April 2011


 The Adidas Autumn / Winter  2011 collection boost of a wide range of colours.
There is modern vintage  Adidas collection where the fabric has been treated to give it a vintage feel and silhouettes  
The collection can also boost of padded sleeveless tops,
Shirts with three stripes seams which has never been done before,
Packer jacket with detachable lining, that comes in various colours,
Puffer jacket with the 70s inspired and has a hip pop and rectro feel to it.

The collection also has colorado cut up and this can be seen in almost all the range.
The Blue Collection is the biggest with the original Adidas collection. And this ranges from T shirt, knitwear, Denim etc.  The Blue collection is commercial and comes subtle and unexpected from Adidas.

There is also the Tokyo design collection,
Skater range life style range, which consist of T shirts, zip up tops

The Autumn/ Winter footwear range has a lot to offer and they have so many colours to choose from. An outdoor inspiration - the rocks, forest green, highlands. 
There are also timeless triple stripes Adidas trainers which comes in various colours.

Not forgetting Jeremy Scott's who takes a classic Adidas silhouette and plays around with it.

The Women's range has a slimmer cut and silhouette. 
They have the yoga range as well

L-R Paul Brady- Press Officer, Myself And Anna- Press Assistant.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

High-tops By Adidas

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