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Keria Knightley spoke Exclusively ELLE Magazine and the full interview  appears in the March issue of ELLE magazine, on sale Wednesday 2nd February.

Keria has also been selected to model Tom Ford's first womenswear collection for six years. In this exclusive interview with ELLE, Keria talks about the the power of fashion and her own personal style.
Blow are some extracts and key quotes from the interview.

The Quotes-

'I was literally going from job to job to job to job and any time off in between was promoting a job and preparing for the next job. And it was exactly what I thought  I wanted at the time and then I realised that  I'd sort of hit a brick wall. I knew I wasn't taking anything in.' Her workload was less to do with ambition and more to do with a kind of self-consciousness. 'There's this strange thing where I feel incredibly privileged and I think I have an incredible amount of guilt and about that. And so I thought I had to work all the time.'

Talking about Ford ( with whom she famously posed naked, alongside Scarlet Johansson, for a Vanity Fair cover in 2006) - She sounds awed by his commitment to style:
'I admire people who really live by that image.' What appeal to her are the stories. 'I went to the Chanel show and i really enjoyed the theatre  of it - this eight-mile-long catwalk, this huge orchestra and it was amazing. It was actually quite moving, and you think ''wow, this is strange. How? Why?'' But i think when you see a show like that you see the thought process behind it. And I - I've only been to two shows [ the other was Chanel couture] - but I really enjoyed that.'

'There's something about the story of women, the survivor nature of her. And the personality has continued within the whole house. It's a very small group people who do this enormous, huge worldwide thing. I just thought, ''Ooh, I'd quite like to look into your world.'' You walk into the ateliers and it's nearly like stepping back in time, even though it's so modern and so current. The skill and the thought that goes into everything. I find it really interesting.'

ON WHY SHE DECIDED TO RETURN TO THE STAGE ( in ''The children's Hour'')
'because I really noticed [in The Misanthrope] what I couldn't do and what I failed at. I'm just not interested in standing still. You go. ''OK, that was great and that bit was great - that's, um, great.''
But if I'm not getting better, not learning, not changing, then what's the point of it? It mist be boring for people to watch it if it's always the same.'

The full shoot and interview appears in the March issue of ELLE, out in February 2nd.

Keria Knightley's stars a new film 'NEVER LET ME GO' which will be released on the 11th February, 2011.

The cover picture was shot by TERRY TSIOLIS / courtesy of ELLE magazine.

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