Monday, 31 January 2011

STYLISA Birthday Bash.

2011,29th January

Now it was a night to remember as we graced ourselves at Lisa better known as 'Stylisa' birthday do at the stylish Cafe Boheme. The Birthday lady looked radiant in her figure hugging yellow dress and her Jimmy choo heels. The night was full of laughter and pure fun. There is nothing like having a jolly good time with friends you love and care for. 

Here are a few words for you Lady Lisa, the birthday girl...

Dear Lisa, stylist is in the girl,
  Your '23rd' birthday brought the London cold
A springtime blush that's nature's sing, girl,
  And told us we will not grow old;

Your style is simple, effective and requested,
  You're stately, decent, and full-breasted,
The dance is over when you're done
  But life is hardly yet begun;

Dear Lisa, fling your form around and
  Show the whole world your lovely tush,
A coffee-morning, macaroons rush
  Where early morning's silent sound and

The white appearance of the sun
  Is proof that life is never done.

The ever so stylist Lisa (Stylisa)
(L-R) Stylisa, Clotheshorse90, PrinceCassius.
(front-back) @aatboy,@MissDoble, @LMayAtem, @Rhys_Bentley
The Whole Fun and Loving Group.
Stylisa & Clotheshorse90 looking all smiley.
Moi,  @charlesAmpadu
The Poser @Prince Cassius
A walk on the streets of Soho.

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