Monday, 17 January 2011


Helena Bonham Carter warrants 'hit' status purely for brilliantly breaking the rules in bonkers fashion: the mismatched coloured shoes; the sunglasses; the fascinator, it all belongs to the school of a woman who dresses to please herself. An English eccentric at her best. 
Golden Globes 2011 fashions
Helena Bohman Carter Wearing Vivinne Westwood

Despite what everyone might think about this gown by Nina Ricci, I think works and looks well on Halle Berry. It is obvious she has amazing body and legs to wear this gown. Go on Halle you are sure rocking this gown.
Golden Globes 2011 fashions
Halle Berry wearing Nina Ricci
January Jones is such a beautiful woman that whatever she wear seems to be right. No wonder she is the face of Versace. I know it has been that this fringe gown she is wore by Versace is a miss. Well, I think she she looks radiant red gown. She definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Golden Globes 2011 fashions
January Jones wearing Versace.

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