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Polo Ralph Lauren- Art Stars Auction for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Place of the Event: PHILIPS DE PURY GALLERY.
Date of Event: MONDAY, 6TH DEC. 2010

 The re-launch of Polo Ralph Lauren Jeans, saw a group of 43 European emerging contemporary artist who were commissioned by Ralph Lauren to design a (the connection being the new Polo Jeans logo, which uses the stars and stripes of the American flag).

They were commissioned to adapt a blank canvas in the form of a 3D denim star and to interpret the inspiration behind the. Polo Jeans Co identity, investigating all facets of iconic American culture that has created the essence of the brand.

 All said and done, we should not forget the main the reason for the event. And it was to create awareness and raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Being teenager is suppose to be the best fun time of once life. That is when you live you a care and stress free life. Living your life and experimenting with music, fashion and evolving yourself with the fine things in the world.

It is never a good thing to be told told you have cancer and upon that to be a teenager and told that makes you feel your life has come to a stand still

As the statistics goes, every six young person in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with cancer so it is a good thing the support Polo Ralph Lauren and Co will help give more young people a fighting chance against cancer. 
Various Art Stars

Apart from the Art Stars exhibition that took place, there was also an evening auction event during which Simon de Pury himself auctioned a selection of the Art Stars live.
Art Star piece auctioned for £5,000.

Niklas Hom (polyurethane foam,ink, acrylic paint on denim)

Artist for this work is CASE Title Pure American. (Spray-paint, acrylic, iron metallic surfacer and rust antiquing solution, textile from a shopping bag from denim.
 James Jessop work titled CAPTAIN KONG (Oil and acrylic on denim)

It also worth mentioning that the proceed of the auction that night was to go to the benefit of Teenage Cancer Trust. A course which is worth pursuing . 

As the evening progressed, I had the opportunity to talk to some of the artist and about the inspiration behind their work. 

Matt Small and his work title YOUNG STAR. (Denim jeans, household emulsion and spray paint on denim)

Pam Glew and her work ( Bleaching and dye on handmade star flag made from vintage, linen and cotton with applique star on denim)
(L-R) Leroy Dawkins, Fupete the Artist, Charles Ampadu and Prince Cassius.

The Artist Alex Daw and myself (Charles Ampadu) standing behind his work. (Oil, acrylic and aerosol on denim)

Myself and The Artist Daniele Villa behind his work.(collage and laser print on canvas)

The evening event included a very entertaining live performance by John Borrell and his hip band-mates from Razorlight. He sang some of his latest tracks which saw everyone moving their feet to the song. I just adore the band and good on them for being there to support a worthy course.
John Borrell

John Borrell and the band mates

The ever fabulous looking Polo Ralph Lauren team I have say did a fantastic job in organizing the whole event and also for the company to back Teenage Cancer Trust.

Ralph Lauren Team
The gallery staff also did very good job as well as the young men who diligently served drinks to the invited guest present.
The Gallery Team
Nathan Stewart( Actor, Misfits) and Cathy Chakauya ( Fashion Buyer)

All of the money raised from the Art Star auction will be used to build specialist units in NHS hospitals where teenagers can be teenagers.  These specialist units allow young people to be treated alongside their peers in an environment that is suited to their needs.

For more information about Teenage Cancer Trust visit or call +44 (0) 20 7612 0370.

Let's help support Teenage Cancer Trust.

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