Friday, 29 October 2010

Magenta8 Cape Collection.

 Magenta 8 designs and handmade tailored jackets, coats, capes and boleros made from luxurious baby alpaca wool.

Magenta 8's collection adventurously feminine 2010 hummingbird is based around the tiny bird and beautiful Peruvian bird.

Its worth knowing that Magenta 8 does not work on a seasonal basis, instead creates an 8-piece limited edition range each year. And practices frequent creation, continually rolling out designs around the initial 8 pieces, resulting in each of Magenta 8's stockist and most at times carrying their own unique range.

It is worth mentioning that Giovanna Velasquez is the designer, founder and creative director of Magenta 8.  Her work is instantly  recognizable for its feminine twist and satin lining.

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