Monday, 27 September 2010

Cashmere scarves with love from Nepal.

A brand new range of luxurious scarves made from ONLY the finest cashmere, printed and woven using the methods dated back hundred of years in Napel was launched on the 21st of September 2010 under label called Wholly Goat.

I was there at the launch and i have to say these scarves have the best and finest texture. They come in hundred percent pure cashmere. They had fifty percent cashmere and fifty percent silk scarves as well. This is what i call a very good and rich combination. Nothing gets better than that.

Featuring a total of 21 scarves, the new collection draws on themes of travel, experience and discovery. It is also has a bohemian feel to it, which gives it an exotic traditional look.

The colours and design of the scarves comes in rich paisleys, palette of vibrant pink, pale purples and cool blues. 

Well for the men out there do not let the above colours scare you because there also masculine colours as i call it for you. And these are the rich blended persian red, camellia rose tones, Nile blue and pale birch.

As a fashion stylist, i would certainly recommend Wholly Goat scarves. They are different, they feel good and comfortable. They also add elegance to your look.

Scarves have always been an on going trend and Wholly Goat scarf collection is a must have. And not forgetting that it is an investment piece.

It is worth checking out the site. Which is

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