Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Take On Fashion and style

Fashion is like science, it keeps changing and it keeps getting better. I just want to talk about mens fashion...

Fashion for men has come a long way. Now most men i have come to understand that looking is very important. Every man i know and have come across think about looking good and wearing fashionable statement pieces. The high streets are beaming with affordable fashion clothing for men. There is nothing a badly dressed man. I like keep saying, there is no excuse now. Look good and feel good. Fashion is for everyone so know what is good for you and make good use of it.

Fashion and style go hand in hand. I know style is forever. I used to say each and every man have got to have their own style. You can use fashion trends to create your style and then stick it. If a style works for you then you stick to it. 

Before one creates his own his  style, there are some factors you have to take note off. These are...

model: Mike and styling by Charles Ampadu
1. Knowing your body shape and size. There is nothing worse than a shirt that is either a size bigger or smaller than your body shape.

2. Analyzing your best or good features. Which is like knowing the best part of your body and showing it and covering the not so good one.

3. knowing the colour that best suites your skin complexion. Going for colours that best suites you makes you stand out in the crowd for the right reasons.

 Taking the above three(3) factors  into consideration then you can embark on your style. Style should be unique, straight forward and not complicated. Remember style is forever.

So guys get out there and make yourself proud.

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